Nyenrode Business University

Number of scholarships 8 scholarships
OTS opening programmes

Executive MBA, Full-time MBA, Full-time Master (MSc) in Management & BSc in Business Administration

Benefits per scholarship

BSc in Business Administration:

1 scholarship worth 10,000EUR tuition fee discount per year for three years (30,000EUR in total)


Full-time MSc in Management:

1 scholarship worth 14,625EUR tuition fee discount

2 scholarships worth  9,750EUR tuition fee discount


Full-time MBA:

1 scholarship worth 25,000EUR tuition fee discount

1 scholarship worth 20,000EUR tuition fee discount

1 scholarship worth 15,000EUR tuition fee discount


Executive MBA:

1 scholarship worth 15,000EUR tuition fee discount 

Duration of the scholarship Entire duration of the studies
Scholarship application deadline

1 April 2019

Additional information

The continuity of the scholarships for the BScBA scholarship will depend on the student’s successfully completing each year of studies. 

  • Academic requirement: 

    BSc in Business Administration: High School Diploma (IB/EB or VWO Dutch equivalent) Full-time Master (MSc) in Management, Full-time MBA, Executive MBA: Bachelor’s degree

  • English level: TOEFL iBT 91; IELTS 6.5; Cambridge Advanced

  • Other diploma: GMAT 600; Possible to take the Nyenrode Admission’s Test instead of GMAT or GRE
  • Working experience: minimum 3 years for Full-time MBA and Executive MBA; 
  • Orange Tulip Scholarship application form
  • Proof that the admission process with the Dutch institution has started
Additional comments
  • Students should contact Nyenrode’s Program Advisors before starting the application procedure. Also it is possible to take the Nyenrode Admission’s Test instead of GMAT or GRE. 


About Nyenrode

Nyenrode Business Universiteit is the only private research university in the Netherlands. It was founded in 1946 by leaders of companies like Shell, Unilever, KLM, Akzo and more.  

Nowadays, Nyenrode offers highly recognized management degree programs in two locations: the heart of Amsterdam and a historic estate in Breukelen (between the cities Amsterdam and Utrecht) Nyenrode is amongst the top 3 preferred universities by employers in the Netherlands (The Economist, 2016)


Bachelor (BSc) in Business Administration:

-       Three year program offered at Nyenrode’s Breukelen location including an intense campus life with an active Student Association

-       Small class size (30-35) with lots of personal attention

-       Live and study with fellow students coming from all over the world

-       Focus on leadership development, industry exposure and sports   


Full-time MSc in Management (Amsterdam):

-       16 month program with three tracks: Digital Business & Innovation, Global Strategies & Sustainability and Financial Management

-       Includes a Company Consultancy Project with training in consultancy, leadership, stewardship and entrepreneurship skills

-       Designed for young professionals who want to enter the labor market as skilled starters

-       Average salary three years after graduation: $66,000


Full-time MBA (Amsterdam):

-       1 year program focused on Europe (including visits to 6 European cities)

-       Includes monthly sessions with CEOs from multinationals where students present their business ideas

-       Strong focus on personal leadership development

-       70% of graduates live and work in the Netherlands & 88% find a job within four months after graduation


Executive MBA:

-       2 year program in modules of 1 week every two months (10 modules in total)

-       Focus on boosting leadership impact of seasoned professionals

-       Allows you to combine your job in your home country with studies in the Netherlands

-       Includes three international modules (China, South Africa & USA) 


Student Contact Information

Contact person:

BSc in Business Administration: Ilse van Vliet

Full-time MSc in Management: Milou van Muilekom & Amber Overbosch

Full-time MBA: Madeleine Wolter

Executive MBA: Lyske Attaie-van den Berg


Email address:

BSc in Business Administration: I.vanVliet@nyenrode.nl  

Full-time MSc in Management: ftmsc@nyenrode.nl

Full-time MBA: m.wolters@nyenrode.nl  

Executive MBA: emba@nyenrode.nl



BSc in Business Administration: +31 346 291 414

Full-time MSc in Management:  +31 346 291 731

Full-time MBA: +31 346 295 992

Executive MBA:  +31 346 295 990




BSc in Business Administration: www.nyenrode.nl/bscba

Full-time MSc in Management: www.nyenrode.nl/ftmsc

Full-time MBA: www.nyenrode.nl/ftmba

Executive MBA: www.nyenrode.nl/emba

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