Neso China恭祝大家新春快乐鸡年大吉!

Publication date: 2018-05-27 23:35

Neso China全体工作人员祝大家在新的一年里吉祥如意,鸡年大吉,留学之路一帆风顺!

Neso China将在1月27日至2月2日暂停办公,2月3日正常上班。春节期间大家可以访问我们的官网www.nesochina.org查询留荷资讯,或发送邮件至,我们将在上班后尽快回复大家。


Dear all,

The office of Neso China wishes you all the best for the year of the Rooster.


In this year of the Rooster may you be proud and exalted in life, revel in your business success, have a smooth career path and be free from worries. May you become rich and be happy every day!


Please note that the Neso China office will be closed from Jan. 27 to Feb. 2 due to the Chinese New Year. If you have any questions regarding study in Holland, please refer to our website: or send us an email to We will reply to you after the holiday.

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