Pre-doctoral programme China 2020

Three Dutch universities: Leiden University, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and University of Groningen  have joined forces this year to organize a first ever Pre-Doctoral programme in China for future and potential Chinese PhD candidates at Dutch universities.

This intensive one-week Pre-Doctoral programme will take place at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China from 22-26 June 2020. We offer 4 intensive modules: 

Application start:1 February 2020

Application ends:10 June 2020 (or until spots are filled)

Maximum: 50 participants

Price 2000 RMB

50% (VU Amsterdam, Leiden and Groningen PhD candidates)
25% (early bird promotion until 30 April 2020; cumulative with above)

Applicants need to fill in the following application form and upload their CV and research proposal for evaluation.

The consortia of three universities participating in the predoctoral programme China will first determine whether the research proposals satisfy the admissibility criteria:
a) the proposal is clear and addresses a relevant topic
b) the proposal has a well formulated research question
d) the proposal’s research question, problem or hypothesis is embedded within a broader literature framework
e) the proposal provides an argumented overview of the selected methodological choices
f) the proposal provides succinct scientific and societal contribution of the work undertaken

They will also check the applicant’s CVs and merit during the undergraduate and postgraduate years.

Admissible proposals and the CVs are assessed by a selection committee of three scientists-researchers involved in the pre-doctoral programme. The committee has access to all the research proposals as well as their CVs. The committee might want to contact the candidates for further information and inquiries. 

In principle, applicants are informed about their application status within one to three weeks after application.

Applicants are sent a formal email informing them of the committee’s decision and the reasons underlying this.

Admitted candidates will receive an invoice or options for payment for the participation in the program. 


For more information please contact:  or Wechat to Sandra Hasanefendic at wxid_82amb173i7s412 or by scanning the wechat QR code below.

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