Chinese Higher Education System


Basic facts

The Chinese higher education system consists of three stages: undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate. From 2005, higher education credentials are mutually recognized between China and the Netherlands. Teaching styles of Chinese universities are gradually modernized in international classrooms.


What to learn in China

Every year, international students come to China for various different study programmes including exchange programmes, Chinese language programmes , summer courses, English taught degree programmes ,Chinese taught degree programmes  or research.


List of top universities

211 and 985 universities are prestigious Chinese universities appointed by the Ministry of Education with the intent of raising research levels of high level universities and promoting the reputation of Chinese higher education system.


Project 211 Inclusion in the project means that universities have to meet scientific, technical and HR standards and to offer set advanced degree programs. The figure of 21 and 1 within 211 are from the abbreviation of the 21st century and approximate 100 universities respectively. China now has more than 1,700 standard institutions of higher education, and about 6 percent of them are 211 Project institutions. 211 Project schools take on the responsibility of training 4/5 of doctoral students, 2/3 of graduate students, 1/2 of students abroad and 1/3 of undergraduates. They offer 85 percent of the State's key subjects; hold 96 percent of the State's key laboratories; and utilize 70 percent of scientific research funding.


Project 985 is a program by which the Chinese government aims to build some top level research universities of world class and international noted. It gained its name from Jiang Zemin’s address for the 100th anniversary of Beijing University in May 4, 1998. It was advised by Ministry of Education leader that Chinese government devote one percentage of fiscal revenue to building world first-class universities. The main points of Project 985 includes mechanism innovation, team construction, platform & base construction, conditions to support, and international exchanges and cooperation.


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