Why study in China? This is why!

China gets you out of your comfort zone

Studying in China is the best way to learn about a culture completely unlike your own. Not to mention the cultures you will experience in an international student environment. It might teach you how to stay open-minded, not judge too fast and get new perspective in life. Are you up for it?

Study in China life is very affordable
Whether it’s food, transportation, shopping, sports or cultural activities: all is very affordable in China which makes it a huge pull-factor. Enjoy it, as long as it lasts.

China is as safe as it gets
For one reason, you are never alone in China together with 1.4 billion other Chinese people around you. Guards and policemen are present in every public area, leaving no space for you to feel unsafe. Plus the Chinese are friendly people with no tricks up their sleeves. The international office of your Chinese university provides help and support in case of calamities.

Promising Sino-Dutch job opportunities
It goes without saying a study in China will make you more attractive to a future employer, especially if you are able to converse in Chinese. Hence use your study in China time speaking Chinese to the fullest!

Neso China liaison officer Milou Pol
Email address: mpol@nesochina.org
Phone number: +86 1066117936/38 ext. 207

Study Chinese with the Hutongschool! 
Hutong School makes it easy for you to learn Chinese or land your dream internship in China! As the first Chinese language school under European management to be officially licensed by the Chinese Ministry of Education, they have a decade of experience helping foreigners learn Mandarin quickly and effectively. When you study with Hutong School or intern at one of their 300+ partner companies you’ll benefit from full immersion in China in a safe and friendly environment. Whether you’re looking for a new adventure, want to kick start your career in the most populous country in the world, or want to add a new language to your belt Hutong School is here to make it happen.



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